In addition to our regular services and holidays during the year, we celebrate sacraments in our church community as a part of reflection and growth in our lives. Here are the basics on life's major spiritual milestones.

In this service, the entire congregation is excited to welcome a new member; not simply into the local parish, but into full initiation into the Christ's Body, the Church. The baptized will join fully the community, which is present to affirm, support, and welcome. Whether the candidates are adults or infants, the congregation can't help but wear their enthusiasm on their faces. The congregation joins into the celebration of initiation. For more details, see our Baptism Brochure for more information.

All are called to the Lord's table. If you have been baptized in any faith, you are welcome to share in Communion during Mass. Holy Eucharist, the remembrance of Christ's death and resurrection made concrete in the bread and wine. As you participate in the Eucharist over time the logic of this service will grow clearer. In a nutshell, we begin by listening to scripture and reflecting on its meaning for life, and then move through prayer, confession and forgiveness to becoming the family of God gathered around the table of God, living ever so briefly the life of heaven before we return again to the world, hopefully transformed and renewed to live life differently.

What's reconciliation? Certainly it is something that the entire human race has been called into - that we must come together despite what we have done and have had done to us. In the context of the church, we must discern our errors, both in "things done and things left undone," and confess them. In the context of most of our services, we have a general confession - in which we all at one time confess our sins and are assured of absolution, but the Sacrament of Reconciliation is an ancient rite of the church that is also available. Times of individual confession are often established during Holy Week, but are generally done by appointment.

The sacrament of Confirmation takes place at IHS in the context of a Bishop's visitation. There, those prepared for the commitment to the Christian life in the church, in part through preparatory classes, will be brought before the congregation, prayed over, and the bishop will lay his hands upon their heads.

*Note* The Bishop will be at IHS for our 100th anniversary June 14, 2015. If you are interested in being received into the Episcopal church or confirm your faith, contact Father Ben as soon as possible.

Weddings are joyous occasions in the life of a couple, vowing their lives to each other in the sight of God. If you are planning a wedding, please contact the office for more information. All planning must be done in conjunction with the priest, but you might find our Planning a Wedding and Wedding Readings materials helpful.

On the fourth Sunday every month, the Sacrament of Unction is incorporated into morning Mass. In addition, home and hospital visitations are available with the laying of hands and anointment with oil. Please don't hesitate to contact the church office if you'd like to request Unction.

It is a wise thing to plan your own funeral, and it is a powerful experience for those who attend a funeral to know that the funeral service had been planned by the deceased. We have materials to help you - feel free to look at our Planning a Funeral, Funeral Readings, and Familiar Hymns for Funerals materials. Please contact the office for further information.

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